Besides Screen-Printing and embroidery, the new advanced technology that can handle full colors, high resolution and complicated image has been applied in apparel manufacturing field – Dye-Sublimation Printing.

Benefits of Sublimation printing:

  • Permanent color
  • High resolution and full colors print
  • The print is extremely durable; it will not crack, fade, or peel form the surface as screen printing and other direct garment printing

At Yostyle, we’re confident to say that we can provide sublimation printing services at the best quantity as our equipment and facilities are all the most latest advanced technology in sublimation field.

Our Equipments:​

  1. 2 EPSON surecolor printers
  2. Rotary Heat-Transfer Machine
  3. Flat-Press heat transfer

EPSON has been always a world-class leader in injet-printer which can deliver high performance and quality images. Our printers equipped with “TFP precision core printhead” which is the latest advanced technology so far. That is the reason why Yostyle, with latest technology injets, can ensure the highest level of quality images for your sublimation printing garment.

In addition, we always use GENUINE EPSON ink so that we can reach the highest performance and quality images as well as ensure the safety for consumer’s use, especially for Kid’s Clothes or export garment to strict markets such as: America, EU, Australia, Japan, etc.

Heat Press Machine: Multifunctional Rotary heat press

Our heat-transfer machine is equipped with duplex-oil heat drum which can deliver better even temperature as well as using high-end technology to keep the temperature and pressure being stable all the time so that it can deliver the most consistent quality image-transfering.

Graphic Designer Team: we have the best graphic designers who are skillful, creative and talented. They’re always ready to give their best support to develop, proceed the artwork for the customer. Just give us an idea and your desire, we’ll develop and design the artwork for your products.

At Yostyle, with high technology equipments together with our deep experience in garment manufacturing, we can provide a complete package for your sublimation-print garment and other high fashion item:

  • Sublimation Sportswear
  • Sublimation T-shirt
  • Sublimation Shirt for Promotion and other campaign
  • High-fashion clothes: Women dress, jacket, skirt
  • Kid clothes

We also provide Sublimation-print or Heat-Transfer stage only for the customers who only have demand on out-sourcing printing&heat transfer only.

For any interest in our sublimation printing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us through:

or through direct contact: (+84) 919 098 909 Mr. Xuan