YOSTYLE JSC., is a professional clothing manufacturer offering FOB, CIF, OEM, ODM services for T-shirt and all types of garment products.

Since the establishment in 2000, a factory has been operating over 16 years in clothing manufacturing field. We’ve built up strengths that enable us to provide a complete solution for your products.


  • Be able to offer from A-Z Manufacturing Process
  • Optimized the Production Process
  • Competitive Price
  • Highly-Skilled Workforce
  • Quality Assurance
  • Experienced  Exporter


  • Garment Export: FOB, CNF, CIF Order
  • OEM; ODM Services for Garment
  • Sublimation Printing-Sportswear Dye-Sub Garment
  • Private Tag Manufacturing; Customs Made Clothing
  • Yarn Supplying & Fabric Manufacturing

We offer from A-Z Manufacturing Process

Long-term working in Garment Manufacturing field, we have successfully built up a self-supply chain that allows us to carry out an entire process of making garment. We are able to offer from A to Z solution, manufacture garment from start till end. Sourcing yarn, do knitting & weaving, Dying, Fabric finishing, and then Cutting, Decorating, Sewing, Quality checking, Packaging, and finally Shipping the finished garment to the customers’ desired place. We manage and observe every step of the production process to ensure the quality of every product we make.

Optimized the Production Process

At Yostyle, every product before putting into the production line, has been analyzed and researched in order to be designed the most efficient solution for its production. It’s very important for a good and efficient production because it only help us to produce at the most optimal cost but also help to minimize the risk of mistake might happen. The QA and QC teams, together with the technician and merchandising work closely to ensure the production process will go properly and smoothly.

Creative and Talent Designer Team

We have the best Graphic and Pattern designers who are skillful, creative and talented. They’re always ready to give their best support to develop, proceed the artwork for the customer. Just give us an idea and your desire, we’ll develop and design the artwork for your products.

Highly-Skilled Workforce

Yostyle understands the important role of the workers who directly make the products. Therefore we have always been focused on training, allocating, and then observing the workforce to get the best outcome and ensure the quality of the finished garment.

With good salary and incentive policy of the company toward to the workers, we have always attracted the highly-skilled workers working for us, together with tight management procedure, Yostyle are confident to well handle any standard of garment form the simplest to the most complicated one.

Competitive Price

Handling every step of production not only help us to proactively control the quality of the garment but also allow us to save a lot of cost. In addition, Flexible structure, optimized production, and efficient operation, these are strengths that allow us to work at best efficient. Hence, we are able to provide the quality product at an optimal cost…

Quality Assurance

At Yostyle, the quality of the garment we made is our top priority. We not only consider it as our responsibility but also our chance to create the competitive advantages.

To ensure the quality, we directly handle every step of the production process: Yarn Sourcing, Kniting and Weaving, Dyeing, finished Fabric, Cutting, Sewing or Printing, Quality checking, Packaging till finished Garment. We always have inspection done at every production stage to ensure the production process being carried out properly, then finally the quality of the finished Garment being assured.

The garment we made meet the highest import standard even of the strict market such as: US, Jappan, Australia; Germany; UK; Spain;…

Experienced Exporter

We are specializing in offering FOB, CNF, CIF, OEM, ODM services to our customers from worldwide. Our garment have been successfully exported to the strictest market such as: Japan; America; Australia; Canada; UK; Germany; etc.  With our experiences in exporting field, we are confident to well handle almost the exporting procedure to ensure the garment will be exported smoothly.

Eligible for Applying Certification of Origin:

Our factory is eligible for applying the certificate of Origin for the garment we manufacture to the customers who would like to have C/O to get tariff incentives toward the goods from Vietnam. We understand the procedure and will give our best support for our customers.

If you are looking for professional clothing manufacturer in Vietnam, we’ll be a trusted partner who can deliver a full solution for your products.

If you would like to have an overview of our factory, please access this link: http://yostyle.vn/en/factorys-photos/ to have a look at our operation!

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